Common legends about sex

Aug 28, 2022
Common legends about sex

Spending time in the company of friends or acquaintances, you can hear amazing stories about someone’s successes and achievements in sex with a partner or a prostitute. The surrounding people usually nod approvingly and envy the narrator, because they themselves are not so chic and Olympic records are also far away. Such demonstrative performances of braggarts can easily and simply drive into depression, and their own sex life will seem monotonous and boring. In order not to put a stigma on yourself once again, it will be interesting to become "destroyers of legends" about sex and understand that everything is fine in your bed.

Legends about the frequency of sex with prostitutes

To begin with, let’s remember how often we have all heard stories that in happy couples you need to have sex at least 2-3 times a week. Every person in the environment will have an ardent supporter of such beliefs.

If we turn to statistics and conducted social surveys, it becomes clear that there is no "minimum" and no "need". In happy relationships, people communicate and sometimes they have enough sex once a week, and sometimes once a month, and the rest of the time they spend hugging, kissing and falling asleep in an embrace. Or vice versa, there are couples where both partners are so "hot" that they are ready to love each other every day. It is important exactly what is specifically in these relationships, and you do not need to apply any averaging norms to yourself.

Another legend tells us that the man who can please a woman four or five times a night is good. Let’s be realistic, at the initial stage of a relationship, you can believe it, because the blood is boiling and hormones are carried away somewhere far away, but when a couple has been together for several years? Many will agree that full-fledged sex, full of not only physical intimacy, but also romance, emotional connection brings tremendous pleasure. And after a man and a woman have had enough of each other, there comes a moment of calm that unites people. Imagine what it would be like to lie down instead of relaxing and nervously think about how to still stand a couple of rounds and be on top. Everything should happen naturally, and forcing yourself or your partner will not be able to give pleasure.

Escort girls and legends about the duration of sex

Many men believe that for women, making love takes place under the slogan "the longer the better". From here come the victorious stories of five-hour sex sessions and even more.

In fact, it is important for women, as well as men, to reach the peak of pleasure, and it happens in absolutely different ways for everyone. Someone needs only a couple of minutes, and someone needs an hour and a little attention from a partner. For women, the emotional part of sex is important: if she does not feel liberated and desirable, it will not be so easy to achieve orgasm, even after a five-hour sex marathon. Therefore, it is worth giving time to preliminary caresses – it is necessary to tune in to the right mood.

The legend of the magnitude of "manhood"

This is truly a classic misconception that has been imposed on boys since adolescence. Phrases that men with a small penis are worse in bed are quite common.

If we turn to physiology or even the Indian Kama Sutra, it becomes obvious that people are created differently – both men and women. There are couples for whom having sex is almost like torture, because a man has a large penis and a woman experiences pain during intercourse. If you have thoughts about the insufficient length or thickness of the penis, sexologists recommend paying attention to the technique in sex and connecting your hands, if this is acceptable.

The legend of great spontaneous sex in unusual places with a prostitute

There is a misconception that all the brightest things happen spontaneously. Of course, it’s hard to forget this, if you remember that the conversation is about sex. But does spontaneous sex in an unusual place always bring pleasure to both partners?

More often, the initiators of spontaneous pleasures are men who find it easier to get excited in unusual conditions. But to achieve an orgasm, you need to relax at least a little, and spontaneous sex is often messy and fast, and if the place is crowded, you need to control every sigh and moan. Not everyone likes this. It is not recommended to abuse this kind of entertainment, because it can frighten a partner, unless he or she is not "behind" with both hands. Sex in a familiar apartment, but, for example, in another room or on a washing machine may well become bright and memorable.

The legend of women’s moans or "the louder a woman screams, the hotter the sex in her bed"

There are two sides of the coin here, let’s consider both:

- a woman thinks that the louder she moans, the sexier she is;

- a man thinks that if a woman does not moan like in porn, he is a bad lover.

As for the female half, everyone wants to be amazing actresses. And the actresses of adult films moan and scream in a way that some singers might envy them. Do not forget that these are staged videos, and in reality, if a girl sweetly, but quietly and sincerely moans, a man will get even more excited and will strive to hear these moans again and again. But the falsity is immediately visible.

Men heroically try to make women scream like in porn movies, exhausting themselves in bed. Instead of such races, it is better to pay attention to the temperament of a woman, because not everyone likes to express emotions through shouting. It is better to learn to catch the special signs of the chosen one’s body. It can be numb fingers, rapid breathing, bitten lower lip or even tears – all this shows what an amazing moment a woman is experiencing thanks to a man.