Escort girls is a cure for many diseases

Nov 21, 2022
Escort girls is a cure for many diseases and ailments

The question of why a person has sex in the modern world does not arise, because the answer is obvious: he enjoys not only the process itself, but also reaches orgasm, in addition, everyone wants to leave offspring by a certain age. It is surprising that the arguments given today are guided by an ever smaller number of ordinary people who are motivated to have sexual intercourse by completely different reasons: depression, illness and the desire to improve their appearance. Prostitutes and escort girls of Moscow are always glad to meet you and make your fantasies come true!


Sex with prostitutes in Moscow is a great way to relieve emotional load and "reset" the nervous system. After all, during lovemaking, endorphin is released, known as the hormone of happiness and joy. 10 minutes of passionate sex – and the surrounding reality ceases to be oppressive and gray. The desire to live fills the whole body again, there is an incentive to create and transform the surrounding reality.


People suffering from any diseases note that after reaching the peak of pleasure, the pain recedes far back. This is because the hormone oxytocin, responsible for the formation of analgesic endorphins, natural morphines, enters the bloodstream during orgasm. For example, premenstrual pain in women is reduced due to estrogens produced during sex. Or the notorious toothache that manifests itself at night. In this case, the effect of an anesthetic taken at a late hour can be accelerated by active love joys that will make you forget about everything.


The problem of excess weight and figure correction is perfectly solved by intense and passionate love games. This is probably the only condition that will allow you to combine business with pleasure. It implies the use of several poses, the change of active and passive positions, which requires the greatest physical activity during lovemaking. After all, at the moment of sexual lust, the heart beats up to 160 times per minute, and this is almost equal to the pulse rate of a sprinter running a short distance. One act with prostitutes or individuals in Moscow is equivalent to 20 minutes of fast running. It is easy to calculate that up to 200 calories are burned in half an hour of intense love joys.


It has been proven that sex has a beneficial and strengthening effect on the immune system. This is due to the regular intake of more antibodies into the blood of an erotomaniac than in a person who preaches abstinence. The number of incoming antibodies is about a third higher. As a result, colds, flu and other infectious diseases will bypass sex lovers. Runny nose and cough are not terrible, as well as mental illness – provided that contraceptives are not forgotten.


For ladies dissatisfied with their breasts, there is great news! Sex will also help to increase this part of the body. And all because of the increased blood flow to the erogenous zones. As a result, there is every chance that the breast volume will increase by about 30 percent and bring its owner closer to the dream of cherished parameters.
Sex will also save you from memory lapses. Moreover, with each orgasm, girls and women have every chance to increase their intelligence. Scientists have proven that during orgasm, oxygenated blood immediately rushes to all organs, including the brain. After all, it is the hypothalamus that controls both the hormonal system and the processes of learning and memorization. So making love is a great excuse to get away from cramming.

Sleep after orgasm comes faster, and sleep sweeter. Therefore, it should be prescribed instead of sleeping pills to people suffering from sleep disorders.

In addition, sex trains all muscle groups, and especially the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks, thighs and abs, so the bed of love can become a great simulator, and this is so important for many ladies. Also, during physical intimacy, testosterone enters the blood of partners, which has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. 15 minutes of sex will replace a 30-minute morning workout and noticeably improve posture.

Moscow escotra lovers are not afraid of wrinkles, because it is during lovemaking that collagen is actively produced in the female body, which means that the silkiness and smoothness of the skin is ensured. Regular sex slows down the aging process in the body. Progesterone will come to the aid of collagen, the active production of which occurs due to sex, this hormone will take care of the purity of the skin and the absence of acne.


Sex is a cure for self–doubt. Photos of long-legged beauties from the pages of gloss irritate and inspire uncertainty? It is better to direct energy in a different direction and surrender not to anger, but to the passion and love of a desirable man who will not stint on hot and such pleasant words about the exclusivity and uniqueness of his beloved. So, there will be no trace of doubts about your own sexuality, and prostitutes and individuals of Moscow are waiting for your call!