Sexuality in escort girls of the Balzac age

Nov 21, 2022
Sexuality in escort girls of the "Balzac age"

prostitutes of St. Petersburg in 40-50 years have already passed a lot in their lives, they have made a career and, of course, have created their own personal family. These prostitutes of St. Petersburg have long become mothers and raised their children, among them there is a considerable percentage of divorced and those who have not yet achieved what they wanted in life. Many of them have managed to successfully combine professional success at work with a cozy family life, which is quite a great achievement.


Whatever the fate of the prostitute of St. Petersburg, it is necessary to take into account that her needs sexually play a very big role. A modern woman has devoted her life and youth to home, children and work, and when the children have grown up and a certain career has been made, then she can think about herself again. That is, to solve the issues of the device of personal life, to find for yourself a hobby, a favorite activity and hobbies. A woman in middle age and older still wants to be loved and, of course, to love herself, adult modern ladies deserve real and pure love. At the same time, many of their male peers have long been enjoying love and basking in the arms of young girls.


The Balzac woman


Naturally, modern prostitutes of St. Petersburg for 40 years do not want to be worse than young girls, they can also love young guys and become for them a passionate lover and mentor in the art of love. And as statistics show, more than 30% of young people had an affair with a woman older than them. The famous Balzac, who became the basis for the term "Balzac woman", also had a mature enough mistress, who was a mother of many children and, as they say, a lady in the juice. Honore himself was an outlet for her in life, which her rude husband could not become, since Balzac understood her feelings and needs. A modern woman also deserves happiness and self-realization in professional, personal and social plans. And let mature ladies find it difficult to find a young and beautiful, as well as an understanding person to find a strong male shoulder. Although, on the other hand, it will be difficult for any woman at any age to do it, as they say, it is good exactly where we are not yet, so the aspect of choosing a man is difficult and at the same time very interesting.


prostitutes of St. petersburg for 40 is great


According to statistics, 50% of guys choose only their peers for sex, and 20% of men want girls younger than them, while both of them enjoy sexual intercourse with women of other age groups, but 30% of men are special. These 30% prefer, even despite their young age, to have a caring maternal shoulder next to older ladies who are 40 or more. These mature prostitutes of St. Petersburg have simply amazing qualities: they are distinguished by an ocean of sexuality, unique optimism, as well as a good social position, solid financial opportunities.


These prostitutes of St. Petersburg are very smart, they are beautiful, sexy and very feminine, which attracts young lovers to them. A mature lady also has a well-formed figure, round interesting shoulders and heavy sexy buttocks. It is enough to see a gallery of photos of mature modern women to be convinced of their sexuality and realize their unique femininity. If happiness for a prostitute of St. Petersburg is in love and in a man, then she should take good care of her health, since it is health that goes along with the aspects of beauty, sexuality and personal well-being.


If there is no sex, or What is the peak of sexuality of a prostitute in St. Petersburg?


According to experts, if a woman does not get satisfaction in sex, then her level of male hormone increases. Then she will begin to get fatter, her skin becomes more oily, and the hair on the skin will be tougher and thicker. If she does not have sex, then menstruation will become more painful, and severe discomfort will also appear. There is also constant fatigue, and this is due to the fact that the sensations in sex have lost their enthusiasm. Ordinary prostitutes of St. Petersburg live a full and vibrant sex life only when they are over 30 years old. But she reaches the peak of sexuality only at the age of 35-50 years, when there is a peak of pleasure in sex.


If a young and pretty woman has an interest in an intimate full-fledged life, then this does not mean that she will get full pleasure from it. Since this comes mainly only at a certain age, no matter how old a woman is, she should not forget about the physiological desire. It happens that prostitutes of St. Petersburg tend to displace this desire with everyday worries, this is very bad, as it will negatively affect her health. As professionals say, the uterus of a prostitute in St. Petersburg is a special organ, it needs to be massaged in a timely manner, and the muscles of the genitals should contract - this is provided by regular sex.


Female self-deception


Psychologists say that there are two types of sexuality: male, in which a lady wants as much as a man, and female, when with the absence of sexual activity, the desire disappears by itself. A woman, regardless of the type of sexuality, accumulates energy in herself daily, which is realized in another type of activity and then comes out. If there is no sexual life, then the level of activity of the fair sex increases and a large number of far-fetched and non-existent problems appear, which she seeks to solve as soon as possible. At the same time, she will look for an additional certain load that generates the corresponding fatigue. Her strength will be spent, although the body will still need and require additional sexual sensations. This is called "self-deception of a prostitute of St. Petersburg."


The female psyche does not sublimate sexual energy, and because of this, a prostitute in St. Petersburg experiences stress, loss of mindfulness and concentration, and also reduces the ability to focus on life tasks. This is often observed in those families where sex has faded into the background. These people are ready to help and support others, but they do not cause sexual desire in others and cannot excite, they do not generate a desire to have sex, and this is a serious problem. You should not put up with this, a woman should constantly find time for herself, her appearance and her interests. Even a little time will be enough to talk to a man about sex, to dream up to awaken a reaction from your partner. Here it is better not to look for a man on the side, because this is not a way out of a difficult situation, while a double life is not the best solution. If you need to increase your libido, then buy yourself erotic films that must necessarily be romantic. Imagine, instead of a spouse, someone else with whom you would like to have sex, this mental replacement will not be treason, and modern psychologists fully agree with this.


If there is no partner nearby, then it is quite acceptable to masturbate, that is, to satisfy personal needs yourself. It is masturbation that will be the ideal opportunity to cope with loneliness and maintain yourself in an excellent physical and general mental state.


If a woman takes care of herself, she will show that even in adulthood she can be sexier than young girls.