How not to fall in love with an escort girl

Jul 11, 2024
How not to fall in love with an escort: a guide for men

There are many temptations in the world of escort services, and one of the most powerful is the risk of falling in love with the girl who provides these services to you. This can be a very dangerous situation as escorts are not inherently your partner and such a relationship can lead to pain, disappointment and financial loss.

In this article, we will look at a few key points that will help you avoid becoming emotionally attached to an escort:

1. Remember the nature of escort services: Escort is a business transaction where the girl provides you with certain services for money. She is not obligated to have any feelings for you, and her attention to you, her affection and care are part of her job. This should not be interpreted as a manifestation of personal sympathy or love.

2. Distinguish between reality and fantasy: The girl you see on a date may be charming, sweet and caring. But it is her job to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for you. You shouldn’t transfer these feelings to real life and imagine that she will behave the same way outside the context of escort services.

3. Don’t look for something in an escort that she cannot give you: An escort cannot be your girlfriend, wife, friend or psychologist. She won’t love you, care for you, or solve your problems. You should not expect from her anything that goes beyond the scope of her professional duties.

4. Control your emotions: It is important to remember that escort services are just a way to satisfy your physical needs. Don’t give in to your feelings and get attached to a girl who can’t give it to you.

5. Be honest with yourself: If you feel like you are starting to fall in love with an escort, stop and think about what you really want from this relationship. You may need to see a psychologist to understand your feelings and needs.

6. Don’t get stuck on one girl: There are many escorts out there and you shouldn’t get stuck on just one of them. If you feel that you are starting to get attached to her, try changing your girlfriend.

7. Don’t spend more on her than you can afford: Escort services can be expensive and you shouldn’t spend more on them than you can afford. Remember that this is just entertainment and you shouldn’t invest too much money into it.

8. Avoid drugs and alcohol before a meeting: Drugs and alcohol can cause you to lose control and make rash decisions.

9. Don’t share personal information: The escort should not know about your personal life, your problems and your loved ones.

10. Don’t talk about your feelings: If you feel like you’re falling in love with an escort, don’t tell her about it. This can only make the situation worse.

Remember that escorting is just entertainment and should not be taken too seriously. If you feel yourself starting to fall in love with an escort, stop and rethink your priorities.

Be vigilant and take care of yourself!