How to bring variety to sex

Sep 28, 2022
How to bring variety to sex
New unusual poses that are worth trying
Sex in a couple, passionate and enchanting at the beginning of a relationship, can turn into a rather routine and not too exciting action after a while. No need to wait for this to happen: if you feel that sexual energy has begun to weaken slightly, add variety to your intimate relationships. You can start with having sex in new positions. Some of them will definitely appeal to both partners, others will remain an option that you have tried only once. In any case, the novelty will refresh the sensations and bring harmony to your relationship.

"The rider looking back"

In the classic version, a woman in the pose of a rider is face to face with her partner. Turning away from him, the partner gives her man a delightful view of her buttocks, and to herself – excellent stimulation of the G-zone. The latter is provided by changing the angle of inclination of the penis into the vagina. Additional arousal in a man arises from the satisfaction of an instinctive desire to "take" a partner from behind. A slightly less impersonal contact can become more energetic and aggressive, because looking into a woman’s eyes often forces a man to be more gentle.

Perpendicular to each other
This pose is quite funny and unusual. The man is lying on his side, the woman is perpendicular to him, with her legs thrown over his shoulders. In this position, the man enters the penis from behind, easily adjusting the angle of entry and intensity. An unusual pose excites gives a man the opportunity to caress his partner’s breasts with his mouth, having anal sex with her. The pose is also suitable for vaginal contact.

Sex on the side

This position is quite popular, but many couples neglect it, considering it inconvenient. It is enough to try at least once to feel the benefits of sex on the side. A man with this practice is from behind, inserting a penis into the anus or vagina of a partner. Sex can be both with manifestations of tenderness (the partner kisses the partner’s neck, caresses her body with a fairly smooth introduction of the penis), and quite energetic with manifestations of male dominance (sharp and energetic introduction of the penis, biting the partner’s neck, a rougher embrace). In any case, sex on the side will certainly become a way that you will want to repeat more than once.

Taking from behind, the partner’s legs are raised

In this case, physical strength on the part of the partner will be required. The girl lies down on her stomach and chest on the bed in a comfortable position, the man comes up from behind and lifts her legs, simultaneously inserting a penis. Contact can be vaginal or anal. A man is given full control and freedom of action, so he needs to be careful enough not to cause pain. A woman enjoys the feeling of being subservient to her partner, deep penis insertion

Both partners are sitting

The partner sits on a chair or a chair, the partner sits on his penis and begins to move up and down, standing up. The woman’s legs should be brought together, so the partner will enjoy being introduced into a narrower space. In this position, it is very convenient to have an additional source of excitement, for example, an erotic video on the screen that both partners can see in front of them. A man is given the freedom to caress or slap a girl’s buttocks, caress or squeeze her breasts. The partner regulates the intensity of sex, at some point she can pause without giving the man "cum".

A woman from above at an angle

Quite a funny and exciting position that allows you to deeply insert a penis. The man lies with one leg stretched out and the other bent. The partner sits on his penis so that her hands grasp the bent hip of the partner, leaning back slightly. Both make up-and-down movements. The pose is quite exhausting, but the orgasm that can be achieved as a result of its application exceeds any expectations.

The secret of a rich sexual relationship is novelty. The usual "gets boring", but in order to bring something new to your bed, you don’t always need to study the Kama Sutra for hours or study sexual manuals. Very often it will be enough just to change the usual poses – as can be seen from the above methods, even a slight turn will change the usual contact and sensations from sex. Or turn to escort girls Moscow in order to fulfill your fantasies. 
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