How to fall in love with a escort girl?  

Sep 19, 2022
How to fall in love with a escort girl?  

The question of many. It’s no secret that a tight wallet or a well—developed physical form is not the main thing. How to fall in love with an escort girl

The first, and probably the most important, is to be self–confident. Confident in yourself – get confidence from others. Of course, there are also secrets in how to woo a prostitute. The appearance should be neat. Clean clothes, fresh mouth. After all, hygiene is not a small factor in winning a woman’s heart. If a guy is well-mannered, accustomed to good manners and intelligent, then anyone will immediately pay attention to this.

Naturally, this does not mean that you have to be able to eat with chopsticks, and know which knife is put for the dish. No, what is meant by these words is that you need to communicate with a girl delicately, without rudeness, and phrases such as: "What got up?", "Where are you going?". Of course, this will scare the lady away. It is necessary to conduct a dialogue with the female sex correctly so that your speech does not seem illiterate.

There is no need to discuss and humiliate other people, swear obscenities, it will look very ugly and is unlikely to please your chosen one. It can also be a huge mistake that you don’t know how to feel the distance. For example, when, having just met, you switch from "you" to "you", openly flirt, switching to something more, ask too frank questions. This, of course, is not correct. Also, this criterion of good manners includes another rule: "do not communicate obsessively, do not say a bunch of unnecessary incomprehensible chatter, do not come to visit without an invitation."

You can’t always talk only about your own problems, failures, without listening at this time to what the girl says. First of all, you need to be interested in how she is doing before throwing a huge number of your problems on her. Be a fairly careful person. If you decide to go to a restaurant or cafe to have a snack, before entering the room, you need to open the door and let the escort girls pass first, then go yourself. Approaching the table, pull out a chair for the lady, and invite her to sit down.

Don’t start eating first, leave it to her, after all, you didn’t come here to eat first, to lean on food, such little things are visible to them instantly. Also, you do not need to stuff a mouthful of food, otherwise it will just fall out, which looks disgusting. In no case do not try to interrupt the escort girl, and use inappropriate jargon in your speech. No need to show off, to pretend to be a macho man. To please a girl, you don’t have to be greedy.

Generosity is generally a pretty good quality. This does not mean that you need to fill up with expensive gifts from head to toe, no. Just to please with surprises, to show your generosity, not to eat badly. Also, women are attracted to wealthy men, next to whom you feel supported, and you make plans for further relationships, since there is a foundation behind you. Of course, it is worth remembering that money is not the main thing. The main thing is that the person is good, as they say, less antlers — more business.

Prostitutes don’t like guys who constantly brag about something and don’t think how it looks from the outside. Also, not everyone has the technique of surprising a prostitute. You need to be able to fascinate her, ranging from compliments to skydiving. Think before you say incomprehensible, strange compliments, it may seem a little different than you wanted, which will upset both yourself and your chosen one.

Some prostitutes like rash actions, interesting, unpredictable actions, but this is also worth being wary of, not everyone will like it, but if you offer to jump together with a parachute, it is unlikely that you will be killed for it.

In general, it’s best, of course, just to be yourself, but it won’t hurt to adhere to elementary ethics, then the girl will be yours.