How to leave a good impression on a girl about you

Jul 11, 2024
How to continue communicating with a girl:

After the first date:

Write her a message: thank her for a pleasant evening and tell her that you found it interesting.

Ask how she got home.

Offer to meet again.

During the communication process:

Ask her questions: show her that you are interested in learning more about her.

Talk about yourself: share your thoughts and experiences.

Find common interests: discuss books, films, music, travel.

Keep the conversation going: Don’t let the conversation die down.

Be positive: share your joys and successes.

Be attentive: pay attention to her words and reactions.

Be creative: come up with interesting date ideas.

Be patient: don’t expect the relationship to work out right away.

Important: Don’t be intrusive: don’t call or text her too often.

Don’t be boring: find interesting topics to talk about.

Be yourself: don’t try to be someone else.

Be sincere: show her that you care about her feelings.

Additional tips:

Use humor: appropriate jokes will help you win over a girl.

Give compliments: tell her that she is beautiful, smart, interesting.

Be romantic: don’t be afraid to show your feelings.

Be original: surprise her with pleasant surprises.


Every girl is different: what works for one may not work for another.

Don’t try to be someone else: be yourself and the girl will appreciate it.

The main thing is to be sincere and show respect.

Good luck!