Is it necessary to forgive treason   

Sep 20, 2022
Is it necessary to forgive treason   

Betrayal ... many couples have faced this in family life, these are recently married, and celebrated calico, wooden and so on wedding anniversaries. Often, the fact of betrayal of the stronger half is revealed, since sex is an important physiological need of the male body. Most people have several so-called "basic" needs. For many women, this is a love relationship, and for men it is sex. It is scientifically proven that a man’s sexual health depends on a healthy lifestyle, ecology. The lion’s share is due to the efforts made by a woman and heredity (this is about 70 percent in total). Physiological and moral aspects do not always coincide. Sometimes physiology, unfortunately, prevails, and a decrease in sexual potency in a man can even lead to a nervous breakdown.

Men want sex, and relationships with women start for this. This is followed by close relationships, marriage, and the birth of children. The sexual activity of men and women is different. It reaches its peak at different periods of life. In the strong half - in the period from twenty to thirty years, and in the weak - after thirty. There are a lot of "reefs" and "storms" in the sea of family life, that is, not everything is calm and smooth. Sexual activity of partners, as we have already said, can be different and depend on age, temperament or even social status. Perhaps the work of the spouses is associated with long business trips, the wife is pregnant (sometimes sex happens, is contraindicated for medical reasons) or there has been a cooling in the relationship, the so-called "crisis".

There can be many reasons. Hence, difficulties arise in the relationship. And if the attitude to the traditional betrayal of the husband / mistress or wife / lover each for himself may have decided, then sex with a prostitute is considered something "third". Here many people get into a "dead end", how to treat? Is it treason or not?

So, a man feels a lack of sex in family relationships, and the best way to realize his needs sees "paid" sex, that is, with a escort girls.
To begin with, let’s figure out who is a "prostitute", an employee of a certain service sector? Services that a man can use once to meet certain needs of his body? Or with the word "prostitute", you can draw a parallel with the concept of "mistress", and a man, in this situation - a husband, uses it regularly and with pleasure?

If we consider from the side of the "service sector", and in some countries escorts girls is exactly that, a prostitute sells a certain service, specifying the price in advance, and the client receives a certain "product" for this monetary equivalent. This, of course, in itself implies a certain waste of the family budget. But a mistress (especially a young and ambitious one) will require significantly large financial investments, personal attention. She may even suddenly announce her pregnancy or, even worse, wish to take her away from the family nest. 

Escort girls of a certain price category (we will not take exceptional cases of extreme cheapness or high cost) monitor their health, regularly visit a doctor and practice protected sex. And this minimizes the risk of infection with various sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. With a mistress, it is unlikely that a medical examination will be discussed, and contraceptives can simply be ignored.
A visit to a prostitute does not mean a cooling to the spouse or a hint of divorce. This is considered an opportunity to relieve tension. We are not talking about warm feelings and further development of relations here. Only high-quality services. It’s different with a mistress. Emotions are raging here. Perhaps it appeared as a result of deep problems in the marriage, and the husband is thinking about divorce.

Having learned about her husband’s "trips" to a prostitute, some wives, calling on life experience and female wisdom to help, will react calmly. Since there are practically no parallels with the concept of "mistress". Everyone has unspoken desires and fantasies that cannot be realized on the marital bed. And someone will see this as betrayal and lack of moral principles, since they only care about themselves and their needs – this is already treason! Still others consider sex with another person, in principle, treason and disrespect for their other half. After all, forced abstinence from sex is an understanding that there can be no other way in this situation and nothing can be changed.

In modern civilized families, most issues, even such as loyalty, are resolved by mutual agreement. And sex "on the side" is often a serious reason to think about the relationship in a married couple. 

One can only wish good luck in solving this difficult issue, to decide for everyone on their own.