The most common erotic dreams, and what they really mean

Sep 19, 2022
The most common erotic dreams, and what they really mean

Whether we like it or not, we all have dreams. And among all the erotic dreams we see almost most often. Some of them are the embodiment of our most unbridled sexual fantasies, and others... in general, it would be better if they did not exist at all. But one way or another, dreams are run by our subconscious. And therefore, in most cases, dreams reflect our innermost needs, goals, emotions and desires, the existence of which we may not even suspect.
Whether it’s a dream with the participation of a stunning movie star, for whom you have always had a weakness, or a fantasy about a colleague that you have never paid attention to, dreams always have some meaning in them, which we will try to unravel today.

With colleagues or acquaintances

Most often, erotic dreams should not be taken literally. Rather, it is something that our brain is fixated on. And if in subconscious fantasies you suddenly find yourself in the most interesting positions with a colleague you barely know, then there is no need to panic.
Depending on how much of a workaholic you are, such dreams can mean your obsession with work and related responsibilities. Well, an imaginary intimacy with colleagues indicates their certain qualities that appeal to you – in a romantic or professional sense.

With the boss

Most likely, you spend a lot of time communicating with your superiors. Like most of us. However, pink dreams with the participation of the boss are a bell. As we said earlier, people in dreams often do not represent themselves, but rather certain qualities that they possess. And, of course, the boss is the embodiment of control and power. So, if you do not part with your boss even in a dream, then it is possible that you are jealous of his dominant position and hope to take his place one day. Or, as a less obvious option, you generally want to have better control over certain aspects of your life.

With a platonic friend

If you are in a relationship, then sex with other people in a dream may seem strange. And if you’re also with a person with whom you’ve just been friends for ages – then doubly strange!
Think about the character traits of people who appear to you in dreams. Perhaps this is what you lack in a relationship? Parallels can often be drawn between dreams and reality, and therefore it is possible that with such fantasies the brain tries to tell us what we lack and what we need to strive for in a relationship.

In a public place

I think you’ve all heard the word "exhibitionist". But regardless of whether you are in reality, dreams about sex in public often indicate our sense of vulnerability and insecurity. Dreams about intimacy in public may reflect something that confuses you or that you are afraid of. Just like other less sexualized dreams. For example, about an unexpected exam for which you did not prepare, or about the sudden loss of all teeth. Perhaps you are afraid of condemnation, or you keep a secret that may be revealed. In general, dreams of this kind indicate general anxiety and are often more like nightmares.

With a sworn enemy

Sexual fantasies about your ex are perhaps the most telling of all types of erotic dreams. But do not be afraid, this does not mean that she is "the one" and that you need to get back together. Rather, such dreams indicate some unfinished business (not necessarily related to a broken relationship), on which our mog is still fixated.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that we have already forgotten about a person or an unpleasant situation, although in fact this is far from the truth. And when we see or hear something again that reminds us of it (consciously or subconsciously), it again combs our mental scars and results in unexpected erotic fantasies with the participation of the ex. If you see such dreams, then know that most likely there is an unpaid debt somewhere behind you.

About cheating partner

Also sometimes we have dreams in which other people have sex. It would seem nothing like that... except when one of the participants of the action is your partner. But just don’t make the common mistake of hitting on a person upon awakening, because it was – you won’t believe it – just a dream!

However, such dreams may indicate some uncertainty in the partner, so try to be as open with him as possible and talk about everything that bothers you. Well, or almost everything.
Like many aspects of sexual life, dreams are a rather confusing thing. Therefore, there is no right way to interpret their hidden meaning. But if you learn to read dreams between the lines, it can give you valuable guidance on how to make your life – including sexual – better.

And what erotic dreams do you see most often? Share your stories in the comments.