Reasons and reasons for having sex

Aug 28, 2022
Reasons and reasons for having sex

According to statistics obtained as a result of research by American sexologists, there were more than two hundred reasons why people have sex. But the real reasons are much less. Usually, with the help of sex, humanity continues the race, asserts itself, satisfies emotional and physical needs, smoothes conflict situations, fulfills marital duty or benefits. Prostitutes and individuals also affect the evolutionary state after the visit.

The very first answer that comes to mind is simple: it’s nice to have sex. Foreplay, the process itself, and even more so an orgasm give unforgettable impressions, make you plunge into the world of new sensations. Throughout the existence of human civilization, the topic of sex has stirred minds and hearts. This can be understood by the number of works of art that are dedicated to this wonderful occupation.

But do not think that only the sphere of physical pleasure is taken into account. After all, emotions also depend on physical contact. People experience a huge amount of emotions when they expect sex, engage in it or rest after an act of love. There are, of course, sad exceptions to the rules, because not everyone is given a pleasant feeling at the same time. But you should know that for bright sex, any person needs to make every effort and improve in this science.

Sexual contact, which is accompanied by love, is more complete and colorful for a person. After all, the process becomes more intense emotionally when a loved one touches the body, and the realization that the object of love gets pleasure increases its own importance. Thus, pride in yourself and your capabilities comes into play. After all, everyone is pleased to realize that he is sexually attractive, desirable, skilled in bed affairs. Self-esteem increases, hormones of joy are produced, a person becomes happier.

There is an opinion that there is only one real reason why people indulge in pleasures. According to the unanimous decision of sexologists, people are programmed by nature for physical contact. The main purpose of sex is procreation. Experts in evolutionary theory have proved that the thirst to start sexual relations is embedded in the brain in order to ensure the survival of the species. Partners get pleasure so that they like to do it. After all, if sexual intercourse were unpleasant, then humanity would risk being on the verge of extinction.

By the way, the clitoris in women is the only organ focused specifically on pleasure, and it has no other functions. But the pleasure that sex brings to the weaker sex helps to increase the frequency of their activities and the number of people willing.

Gender differences play an important role in the issue under consideration. Guys and girls have different emotional and physical needs. The former prove their importance to themselves and the world around them. They need to feel that they have taken place as men, as well as to discharge themselves sexually.

Of course, full-fledged sex is valued much higher than self-satisfaction. Guys can have sexual intercourse without feeling love, but the more attractive the partner, the more complete satisfaction they get. And if there are deep feelings, then the pleasure reaches the top.

Unlike guys, girls are more interested in the emotional and psychological component of sex. Of course, physical pleasure plays a big role, but ladies are ready to tolerate the absence of intimacy, while enjoying romantic intimacy. The more emotions a woman feels towards a man, the more chances she has to reach orgasm with him. A curious fact is that a woman can have sex out of gratitude, out of a desire to keep a man, out of fear of being abandoned and even out of pity for her partner.

In any case, voluntary sex brings significant benefits to the body, both male and female. It helps to maintain physical fitness, increases immunity, gives a good mood, dulls pain. In addition, if the relationship of partners is filled with harmony and mutual understanding, then sex will improve them, help lovers discover new facets in each other.

The quality of sex and the emotions accompanying the process directly depend on the reason why a person agrees to engage in it. Therefore, it is so important to determine for yourself the true goals of sex in order to get physical and emotional pleasure every time. You should not succumb to psychological pressure, go to bed because "it’s necessary" or out of fear of losing a person. After all, all the facts and research indicate that only a duet of sex and love will allow you to reach the highest point of happiness and bliss.