Do relationships with prostitutes in Moscow have a chance of success?

Aug 25, 2022
Do relationships with prostitutes in Moscow have a chance of success?

A recent study confirmed what has long been known: the longer you have been together, the less relationship you have. They found that 34% of the surveyed women and 15% of men were not interested in prostitutes in Moscow and with regular partners.

Resistance to sex due to illness. If there is any real reason for not wanting to do this (prolonged illness, severe stress, anxiety, depression), often only a little patience will help. It may never be as wild as it used to be, but in some form sex will probably come back to your bedroom. While the one who has problems will not be able to fix it. At the moment, helping each other, trying to understand each other, as well as sincere conversations about the lack of physical intimacy, will help both of you.

It is necessary to talk about prostitutes Moscow together with a partner. But what if the lack of interest in physical contact is the decision of one of you without any reasonable explanation for it? Let’s talk about it! Anyone who lacks a relationship should, at the appropriate moment, explain to their colleague how much and why he/she lacks a relationship. But be prepared for any reaction, the other can get angry, cry, leave, accuse you of anything. The first attempt rarely works, but at least you report the problem and the partner is reluctantly forced to think about it. If this does not happen, try to resume the discussion in a few days. Find out if she refuses a relationship or is open to any receptions. Perhaps he does not want or cannot have sex for some physical reasons, but there are other options. Just find a compromise that would be viable for both. You can take at least some form of physical intimacy, reduce the frequency of love games, just find a solution to your discrepancy in sexual desire. It’s not going to be perfect for any of you. If you really love each other and you have enough other things that bind you, you can do it. Love, playfulness, affection bring intimacy to a relationship, and things are at least as important as sex.

Even if no agreement has been reached and no compromise has been found, everything cannot be lost. There are people who can do without relationships, even if they have some desires. Enough with some kind of sex change. Will appease their needs easily with masturbation, sexual fantasies, sex toys and porn. There aren’t many of them, but there are, and maybe it’s you or your partner. But if this is not possible, there is a real risk of disbelief. What someone doesn’t get at home is just somewhere else. You may love your partner and want to spend the rest of your life with him, but you just need somewhere to take the pressure off. Don’t expect your partner to forgive you automatically if this happens. Many people believe that even if they refuse a partnership, they are entitled to 100% loyalty. But for those who no longer want love, they need a lot of self-denial, tolerance and understanding. This often happens in a relationship when one of the spouses is physically unable to have sex, possibly for health reasons. In fact, they will allow their partners to change.

You can use one-time sex as a solution. Not only can not everyone do it, it can be frustrating for everyone. He may perceive this as a betrayal and his own moral failure. In addition, not everyone likes optional sex with prostitutes and one-day relationships. Many people need a complete package — mental and physical love in one. One without the other loses meaning for them, he cannot separate it (permissible infidelity must be purely physical, so as not to form parallel relationships). You give each other a chance to find someone who suits you better. It’s not a happy ending, but it’s definitely honest.