Sex is the key to health

Aug 28, 2022
Sex is the key to health!  

According to British scientists, sex is an excellent means to maintain health. The fact is that during sex, a hormone such as oxytocin is actively released. It, in turn, helps to improve human immunity. This is how antibodies called "immunoglobulin A" begin to be produced, and they, in turn, repel all diseases very well. Individuals are always ready to receive you and cheer you up!

In addition, if lovemaking takes place in the morning, it improves mood and general condition for the whole day. A lot of energy and desire to work comes from somewhere. So as you can see, good sex is the key to our health. Escort girls 24/7 are ready to receive you in their discrete apartment or come to you.

According to the research of the same scientists, if men lead a more or less active sex life until the age of 50, this will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. And, as for sudden heart attacks at the most crucial moment, so it plays the role of banal fatigue or overexertion. Active sex leads to the fact that a lot of muscles take part in the process. Some of these muscles cannot be used even during active training. In addition, there will be no stagnation of blood, as the heart begins to work very actively and drive blood through all the vessels. Strangely enough, saliva is actively produced during sex, and the concentration of antibacterial components increases in it. They help our teeth to fight various diseases. So in order to have healthy teeth, you need to actively make love.

Each of us knows what stress is. So, in order to get rid of this unpleasant condition as soon as possible, you need to have sex with a partner or a prostitute more often. After all, the hormone of joy that is released during sex leads to the fact that stress simply begins to dissipate. Also, making love has an analgesic effect. Sex can help a woman during PMS. If we are already talking about hormones, then it will not be superfluous to recall such a hormone as prolactin. When it is produced, it is probably not worth explaining. This hormone contributes to the fact that brain stem cells begin to actively form new neurons in the center that is responsible for the sense of smell.

If a woman abstains from sex for a long time, this leads to the fact that the male sex hormone testosterone accumulates in her body. It significantly enhances the formation of proteins in the body. Accordingly, protein metabolism accelerates, the life cycle proceeds faster, and the body ages faster. So, dear ladies, have sex to keep your youth.

Strange as it may sound, but sex continues life! After all, scientists have long confirmed that the life expectancy of those people who are married, or simply have a permanent sexual partner, is much higher than that of singles. This is because regular sex rejuvenates the whole body well, and the endocrine glands in particular. During sex, the prostate in men, the ovaries in women, the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands are actively working. As a result, the percentage of glucose in the liver and adipose tissue decreases, about 300 calories are burned. So we can conclude that with the help of sex, you can also lose weight. But this is only if sex does not last 2 minutes, and partners do not behave like sleepy flies.

Also, regular sex leads to the fact that:
Nails and hair of women begin to grow actively, while they will be beautiful and strong.
The skin gets rid of problems, for example, acne. So sex helps to clean the face.
It has been proven by science that women who actively have sex look 10 or even 15 years younger!
The pelvic muscles become elastic.
Hence the conclusion: people who are sexually active, look good, keep their body in great shape, feel much more confident.

Do not think that if you are already over 50, then sex is no longer for you. If the body can and wants, then there is no need to deny it. In addition, older people who regularly have sex reduce the risk of diseases, feel much better than those who abstain. After all, it’s only in men that the desire and opportunity decrease significantly with age, but in women it’s the opposite – the desire is becoming more and more. In addition, science has confirmed that women after 50 get much more pleasure from sex than those who are younger.

As you can see, having sex with a partner or an individual is simply necessary in order to be in good shape and have good health. So do not come up with excuses, like "my head hurts", because sex is able to quench the pain. It is much better to lead a normal, active sex life and as a result be healthy, beautiful, and cheerful. After all, no medicines and elixirs of youth will give the result that ordinary sex can give.