What is more in it – harm or benefit

Aug 28, 2022
Sex. What is more in it – harm or benefit?  

Disputes about the benefits or harms of sex with a partner or prostitutes have not subsided since the sexual revolution. Previously, this topic was more closed. Especially for the countries of the USSR. After all, as we remember, there was "no sex" in our country. The well-known phrase, taken out of context, fully reflected the degree of awareness of Soviet citizens about this issue. Nowadays, many studies are conducted, the results of which are often contradictory. They generate a lot of controversy about the positive and negative sides of intimate relationships. No matter what conclusions scientists come to, sex is an integral part of our life. Pretty nice part. Even if prostitutes or escort girls are not always what you want.

Sexual desire is inherent in us by nature. For one, sex is an important part in a romantic relationship. For another, it’s just a way to give vent to their natural needs. The emotional coloring of sexual intercourse is more typical for women. What is the benefit of sex for them?

1) Many women are characterized by painful sensations during menstruation. During orgasm, a woman’s blood circulation improves, especially in the pelvic area. It relieves the pain a bit.

2) During sex, estrogen is produced – the female sex hormone. It helps to rejuvenate the body as a whole. Therefore, a woman who regularly has sex looks more attractive.

3) After intimacy with a partner, complete relaxation occurs. The gentle embrace of a beloved man gives a feeling of bliss and peace. In this state, it is easiest to fall asleep. Sleep will be deep and calm.

4) Sex has a positive effect on the fetus of a pregnant woman. If intimacy is not contraindicated by a gynecologist, then you should not give up pleasure. With proper precautions, sex promotes improved blood circulation in the placenta. Thus, the baby receives nutrients more actively. Also, during orgasm, the uterus contracts, which has a beneficial effect on muscle tone.

5) During menopause, hormonal restructuring occurs in the female body. In women during this period, the production of estrogen is reduced. Ladies who are able to boast of having sex at this age have an improved emotional state. And an increase in the content of estrogen in the blood makes them more attractive.

6) After giving birth, many women face such an unpleasant problem as urinary incontinence. This is due to the stretching of the pelvic muscles. Regular sexual relations with her husband will help to quickly acquire muscle tone and get rid of inconveniences.

7) Sex stimulates the production of endorphins, the so-called "hormones of happiness". The sperm contains prostaglandin, which, when it enters the female body, helps to lower the level of cortisol– the stress hormone. Thus, sex is an excellent antidepressant.

8) It is difficult to get drunk with the fact that the process of having sex is a pretty good physical activity. During sexual intercourse, the pulse quickens, there is a load on various muscle groups, which activates the metabolism and accelerated calorie burning.
In the life of men, sexual relations are extremely important. They provide representatives of the stronger sex not only physical, but also emotional, spiritual balance. What is the benefit of regular sex for men?

1) Regular sex increases the activity of spermatozoa, as a result of which the reproductive function of the male genitals is significantly improved.

2) As women produce estrogen during sex, men also have an increase in testosterone levels. This hormone helps strengthen bones and muscle tissues. In addition, the aging process slows down in the body due to the normalization of metabolism.

3) Middle-aged men often suffer from prostate diseases. Sex in this case is an excellent prevention. The risk of getting sexual dysfunction is significantly reduced with an active sexual life.

4) In addition to the direct effect on the genitals, sex has a strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system, increases immunity. All this helps the body to fight various infections.

5) High-quality sex, or rather, the pleasure that a man is able to deliver to a woman, significantly increases self-esteem. A man who is confident in his abilities in bed feels like a male. This thought pushes us to accomplish great things.

Sex can harm a woman if you engage in it in the first days after childbirth. Doctors strongly recommend giving the body a month or more to recover. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the unhealed uterus, which is fraught with pain and bleeding.

It is extremely rare that sex is a contraindication. But this is the case in the presence of any chronic diseases or inflammatory processes.

The harm from sex for the male population, as a rule, consists only in the possibility of catching a sexually transmitted disease. This problem is easily solved by protection.

Thus, despite all kinds of disputes, the fact is obvious that the benefits of sexual relations are many times greater than the harm. In order to reduce negative factors to zero, you just need to take your health seriously, the choice of contraceptives and a permanent sexual partner.